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LeMonde has been in business since July 1993, and our complete line is designed and manufactured in Seattle, Washington.

Our Goldsmiths take pride in the quality of their work. Each piece is hand crafted and produced under the highest quality control.

Le Monde  World Collection

Our "Travel Memory Globe" pendants feature gleaming, highly polished continents contrasting with the Florentine finish of the seas, and rotates freely on an axis mounted into a golden bezel.

Le Monde Gold Globe

Now you can create your own unique and personalized work of art! Simply select the destinations you would like represented on your Travel Memory Globe, and a Le Monde craftsman will place your choice of gemstone at those locations. Click the "Play Video" button, on the left, to see how it is done.

Over the past nineteen years our clients have sent their globes back to us for additional gemstones commemorating their latest travels.

Le Monde has further individualized many pieces of our "World Collection" for customers with special requests for custom designed pieces. Some examples of customization are: diamond bezel; continents pavé'd; or engraving to commemorate an event.

Please look over our jewelry line and consider adding your own creation to your collection of fine jewelry.